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Access Control

Access Control systems are the best way of controlling movement across your site premises and can be as simple or advanced as your requirements demand. J-Elec ltd has experience in planning and installing access control systems in a wide range of premises and sites from small premises and larger hotels, to student accommodation.


Keypad access control

From simple standalone card/fob keypad entry, to fully integrated networked systems.

Service and Support

J-Elec Ltd can offer a comprehensive service and support package for your new and existing access control, hotel door locks, automatic door operators and CCTV

Automatic Door Operators

J-Elec Ltd offer a wide range of automatic door operators to assist in DDA functionality.

Automatic door operators can be installed in virtualy any enviroment, either as a new installation or retro fitted to existing doors and are sutiable for use on high traffic exterior or interior doors. Our installations meet the current BS EN 16005:2012 


The low energy door operator or " Auto Assist " operator is the most popular and cost effective DDA auto door solution and entails a simple retrofit to an entrance door. This operator can be either door mounted or transcom mounted and allows an existing door to be automated and used as an automatic door, when needed, by the use of push pads, rf tags or access control - otherwise it remains as a manual swing door.


J-Elec Ltd are pleased to provide the following additional services:

Total Security



Ip CCTV can be installed easily and with the minimum of disruption. This can be both hard wired or wireless. 

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